The Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation leagues with Fundraising Travel Club

Timothy and Tenille Koistinen are the proud parents of two-year-old twins Tate and Jobe. In March 2018, this Melbourne family’s lives were turned upside down when their son Jobe was diagnosed with Sanfilippo Syndrome. At the tender age of two, Jobe’s life, while only just beginning, will be cut short by Sanfilippo. Jobe’s mother shares…
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The Vihara Foundation partners with Fundraising Travel Club

The Vihara Foundation (VF) is a Scientific and Educational non-profit (chartered in 2009) with a purpose of supporting innovative project development for Poverty Alleviation, Climate and Disaster Mitigation, and Creative Financing for Development (CFfD). VF is building a reputation in the non-profit space as an outside the box thinking NGO and a driver for whole-system-thinking project…
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Fundraising Travel Club supports Father Bob

As a stable foundation of his community, Father Bob Maguire provides material, emotional and social support to whomever, whenever and wherever necessary. He believes that all have the right to be nourished physically, mentally and emotionally.         No one will be left behind.  We at Fundraising Travel Club fully support Father Bob’s…
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